My short story

I was born and raised in a small town near Amsterdam. As a kid, I loved reading, drawing and making up stories.
When I was eight, I created my first book, filled with drawings of places in America I hoped to visit one day.
A typical Dutch girl, I also loved anything to do with water.
I studied Communications Design at George Washington University in DC, and eventually became creative director at The Coca-Cola Company.
I loved brand design, but dreamed of writing and illustrating picture books for kids.
I decided to learn what I could about storytelling: I read. I wrote. I drew. I even went back to school.
Today, 15 picture books later, my illustration, writing and design work inspire each other: I draw words, write images and design stories.
I live with my husband and son near the San-Francisco Bay, where some my favorite things are still reading, drawing, making books and anything involving water.